Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-ed service fraternity that has set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism since 1925. Since 1962 the Xi Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has served the campus of Texas A&M University and the surrounding community of Bryan/College Station, Texas. In Alpha Phi Omega we strive to help each individual member develop leadership skills, and lasting friendships through selfless service to our campus, community, and nation.

Be a Leader.

Realistically, leadership is a matter of development. Alpha Phi Omega develops leaders, and we are very proud of that. As we grow, we seek qualities of leadership, and throughout our lives, we pursue the development of those qualities and the development of other ‘well-rounding’ qualities. Through our leadership development program in Alpha Phi Omega, we are able to develop ourselves. And, as we aspire to greater things in life, we become aware of limiting factors – which we can’t control, the external forces that shape our destiny until we control and develop what we have inside of us. We discover our own talents and strive to better our skills. We study, we learn, we practice.

Be a friend.

Brotherhood is the spirit of friendship. It implies respect, honesty and dependability. It means that we overlook differences and emphasize similarities as we join together in unselfish service. It means listening to Brothers whose views on issues might differ from our own. It means working closely with people whom under other circumstances we might not choose as our friends.

Be of Service.

Our Chapter service program provides many opportunities for the development of social awareness, friendships and leadership skills. Participation in our service program helps make Alpha Phi Omega the unique fraternal organization that it is.

What APO Means to Me

  • In APO, I met my best friends, developed leadership skills, and gave back to the community. What more do you need from an organization? APO also allowed me to meet people from across the country and network in ways I never would have imagined. You never know what kind of amazing people you will meet in APO: your future roommate, your future best man, or your future wife. APO definitely changed my life and will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Tyler KremzarClass of '15
  • APO has made an immeasurable impact on my college experience. There isn't a part of my life that hasn't been bettered from what I have learned and ben involved in with APO. I have made friends for a lifetime, been given the opportunity to serve hundreds of people, and gained leadership qualities you just can't get anywhere else. If you are looking for an organization to change your life, you've found it.

    James BevanClass of '15
  • This organization allows me to create friends while also letting me give back to the community. Before I joined, I'd get out of class and head straight home, but now I have a chance to hangout with a lot of the friends that I made in the organization, as well as recruit more people.

    David ChavezPledge Trainer
  • I joined APO my sophomore year, and I'm still here. So there's that. [Editor's note: He is a senior, class of 2016. A-WHOOP!]

    AJ MedelClass of '16
  • APO means that even though I'm halfway across the country, I still have friends back home supporting me. I joined APO for the service, but I stayed for the people. Seriously, best decision I've made in college. (P.S. I miss you all)

    Morgan EllisClass of '16
  • There aren't really words to describe what APO means to me. Being 10 hours away from your family is really hard, and after my first semester at A&M I was ready to transfer back home. I decided to stay throughout the Spring and give it one more chance. That January, I made the greatest decision of my college career and joined APO, and the thought of leaving never crossed my mind again. This organization is my family. The friendships I've made will last forever and it has literally shaped my time here at A&M. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've been given, and also the chance to help serve my community. APO is life.

    Brailey StrainClass of '17
  • Swag. Uber amounts of swag and service.

    Jahrel RichardsMerchandise Chair
  • I joined because I really like the idea of giving back to the community and being able to help other people out on a regular basis.

    Grant PhiferClass of '16
  • APO has defined my experience in college. I've improved my leadership skills, provided for my community, and even gotten to travel. I've made unforgettable memories and met my best friends through this organization. Joining [APO] has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    Bianca GarciaClass of '17
  • Friendship. #Friendship. All the friendship, camaraderie, bonds, unions, fellowship, unity, amity.

    Josh PeñaClass of '17