Requirements for Returning Active Members
  • 6 Active Meetings (including the Risk Management meeting)
  • Active Dues ($80)
    • Dues must be paid in full or start an installment plan by the 4th Active Meeting (September 24, 2017).
  • Risk Management Forms (due by the 4th Active Meeting – September 24, 2017)


  • 15 Fellowships


  • 40 total hours
    • 5 fundraising hours
    • 35 service project hours (25 on-site hours)
  • Attend 3 different projects

Associate Membership

  • Any Active may apply for Associate Membership if they find it necessary to cease full involvement in Xi Delta because of other commitments of time and effort.
  • Associate members cannot hold elected or appointed positions, vote, nor participate in events funded by the chapter. Associate members also cannot be a Big Brother nor graduate out of the chapter. Associate members may be able to attend Banquet at the end of the semester, however priority will be given to those brothers who end the semester as Active.
  • Associate Membership status must be declarded to the Vice President of Membership by the 3rd Active Meeting (September 17, 2017).
    • Associate Member dues ($30) must be paid by this date.

Pledge Program Membership

  • The Pledgemaster and all of their appointed positions, with the exception of Big Brothers, must meet the same requirements for hours, fellowships, and meetings as the pledges as set forth by the Pledgemaster within the duration of the pledging period. The pledging period for this semester is from September 3, 2017 to November 26, 2017.
  • The following are additional requirements for Pledge Program members, in addition to the Active Requirements, for Fall 2017:
    • Recruiting/Preparation
      • Pledge Program Retreat
      • Pledge Program Workday
      • 2 Informationals
      • 2 Rush Events
      • 2 hours of Rush Flyers
    • Basics
      • 8 Active Meetings (including the Risk Management meeting)
      • 8 Pledge Meetings
      • 2 Executive Committee Meetings
    • Friendship
      • 3 BB/lb Events (if big)
      • 3 PT Hangout (if you are a PT)
      • 1 House Hangout
      • Pledge Retreat (Sep. 29-30)
      • 1 Pledge fellowship committee hangout
    • Service
      • Must attend 1 of 3 mandatory projects:
        • Fall semester events:
          • Football Concessions
          • Haunted House
          • Pancakes for Parkinson’s
          •  Blood Drive
        • Spring semester events:
          • The Big Event
          • Relay for Life
          • Shack-a-Thon