Our leadership program was designed to build better leaders – not only within the fraternity, but in all aspects of our brothers’ lives. We offer workshops and webinars which are focused on the personal development of our members, and we partner with a variety of offices on campus to do this. We encourage all of our members to old leadership positions; whether that be on a committee, as a mentor, or holding a spot on the executive board. Our goal is to send our brothers out into the post-college world with a mindset of a leader, and we hope that they will make leaders of those around them.


We deliver a number of exciting workshops for our members. These range from career development to transferable leadership skills. We partner with University departments like Multicultural Services, the Career Center, and Scholarships and Financial aid to bring our members top quality presenters.

Leadership Development


APO Leads Webinars

APO Impact Life

Career Development

Resume Building

Interviewing Skills

Networking and LinkedIn

Career Fair Preparation

Character Building

Green Dot Bystander Intervention

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Aggie Ally Workshops

Office of Sustainability

Life Skills

Communication and Relationships

Workplace Etiquette

Time Management

Credit Cards and Credit Scores

Guest Speakers

Alpha Phi Omega brings in a verity of guest speakers to talk to the chapter about topics ranging from interview skills and resumes to event planning and time management.


APO LEADS is the national fraternity’s leadership development program. APO LEADS stands for A Personal Odyssey: Launch, Explore, Achieve, Discover, Serve. Each of the components addresses a different aspect of leadership growth that allows attendees to continue developing skills no matter their level of experience. Collectively, this series is designed to equip attendees with the skills to enable them to be successful leaders and team members in any situation they encounter in college and beyond.

APO LEADS course are offered online, at chapter meetings, and primarily at Section and Region Conferences. APO LEADS is a great way to increase your leadership skills while interacting with brothers from the chapter and across the nation. More information can be found at the national fraternity website.

Course Descriptions


Launch focuses on explaining exactly what it is that makes chapters’ leadership effective and covers the differences between the traditional notion of leadership and the evolving concept of servant leadership.


Explore teaches students the skills necessary to effectively resolve and manage conflict, discusses the sources of conflict and practicing ethical decision-making, while breaking down different types of conflict and appropriate ways to respond in these situations.


Achieve is a course that centers on the advantages of generating a team-like atmosphere by teaching participants a set of skills that set them up to be able to lead their chapters to universal success.


Discover attendees will learn strategies for assertive communication and self-motivation within the context of the servant chapter model.


Serve is the final step in your APO LEADS journey. This weekend-long training session designed to allow students to learn and practically apply project and meeting management and delegation in a group setting. Serve is available during the summer and over President’s Day weekend at various locations around the country. There is a $55 student or $75 alumni cost associated with the course that will cover food, supplies, and lodging for the weekend.