Frequently Asked Questions about Rush

Is APO a selective organization? Can I be cut?

Anyone can pledge APO but you can be cut if you do not meet the requirements (service hours, dues, fellowships, meetings, leadership credits).

What do my dues cover?

Your dues cover a verity of events and expenses for pledge program. These include pledge retreat, t-shirts, and fees to the national fraternity.

Is APO a greek organization?

While APO does have Greek letters, we are not Greek. We believe in the brotherhood principles of Fraternity, that is why we are a co-ed Fraternity.

What if I work during the time of pledge and/or chapter meetings?

If you’re a pledge, discuss with your Pledgemasters. These meetings are important, and a lot of information is given during them. It is for your benefit to attend the meetings. However we recognize that scheduling time around work can be difficult and will work with you to make sure you still meet requirements.

What can I do if I cannot afford the $130 for dues?

There is a payment plan that allows you to pay out the $130 throughout the semester. If you still cannot afford that, then contact the pledge masters and they will work with you.

Do I have to attend a rush event or an informational in order to join?

No. In order to join, all that is required is attendance at one of our “chances to join” on the designated Sundays. The rush events are a chance for potential members to meet and interact with our current active members. The informationals are a way to learn more about Alpha Phi Omega by having the information presented to you. Your welcome to join us at any or all of these events.

Is there hazing in Alpha Phi Omega?

Hazing is against Alpha Phi Omega and the University’s policies. “Hazing” refers to any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm. We do not tolerate or allow such actions.